picture of me

I write when I have a message to share. Not just for the sake of writing. So when the words wouldn’t come, I knew I had to put myself on pause until further notice.

But now I’m back. In a different way. I’ve paused my previous path to bring y’all Patty realness on all things life and not just academia. I’ve got stories to tell, unsolicited advice to spoon out, and commentary on things you may or may not care about.

So what’s this? I’m refining my elevator pitch on who I am and what I’m about. Here you are to witness the journey. People keep telling me I need to write a book and I think I’m going to one day. I’m trying to be dope, booked, and busy like the Roxane Gay’s of the world. (You hear that God? Ok.)

I hate the term “rebranding” but I suppose that’s what I’m doing. Not rebranding for the sake of onlookers but rebranding how I’ve come to understand myself, for myself.

Yall just get to peek at it and poke fun. Welcome.