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If you’re here, you likely know I like to talk a lot. I’m honored that you want to know more about me. For those of you who are new here or have been introduced to me in various ways that haven’t afforded you a full picture of who I am, this was designed especially with you in mind.

I put together 21 questions I already know you want to ask me because, well, you like me a lot.

I’ve included answers to a few of them below, but to get cozy with me and take in all 21 questions, head over to the blog tab to read the full post.

21 Questions because we go together now

Where are you from?

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY *insert something corny about some rapper you know from the borough*. Though fun fact: I do share a birthday with Jay-Z. If you ever wanted to know what it might be like to work with me, refer to that video of the man just trying to get those people to clap on beat and then looking bewildered, saying, “Forget the clapping.”

I’m also the product of Jamaican immigrants, and… I think that tells you a lot already.

What’s your Big Three?

  • Sun: Sagittarius
  • Moon: Leo *hides face*
  • Rising/Ascendant: Gemini *peeks between fingers*

… Do with this information what you will.

What are some of your Core Values?

Wellness – Prioritizing self-preservation. Maintaining authentic boundaries to prevent self-sacrificing that challenges wellness. Allocating time and resources to activities that rejuvenate me. Taking stock of how the state of the world is causing me to show up. Then, I allow myself to care for external communities.

How can we work together/Connect?

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