• Cultivating Creativity During Super Retrograde 2023

    If you’ve even remotely been aware of astrology at any point this summer, you’ve heard that we have been plagued by several entities deciding to tailspin us into Retrograde activity. This time, Mercury was not the only main character as Venus Retrograde has taken center stage this summer 2023. All the loud celebrity relationship issues,…

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  • Reclaiming My Body – Trauma Episode Resources

    Reclaiming My Body – Trauma Episode Resources

    If you landed here and you haven’t listened to the episode “Reclaiming My Body: A Personal Journal About Trauma, you should listen to the episode first. Have no fear; I’ve conveniently placed it below for you to listen to.  As a follow-up to the episode, I’ve included some resources referenced in the episode and other…

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  • 21 Questions Because We Go Together Now

    If you’re here, you likely know already that I like to talk a lot. For those of you who are new here or want a fuller picture of who I am, this was designed especially with you in mind. So I put together 21 questions I already know you want to ask me because, well,…

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