Cultivating Creativity During Super Retrograde 2023


Patrice smiling holding a DSLR Canon EOS Rebel t7 camera

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In addition to getting out there and actually doing the things, I will always consult people who have done the things before me. It’s an important part of my praxis. I also require inspiration to keep the fire of creativity burning. In those moments where it’s not enough to believe in myself, I crack open a good book and let the words bring my mental into a space where I feel inspired and ready to create all over again. 

The Artist’s Way

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Book pictured: The universe has your back

This read was recommended to me by my therapist during our last session after needing to pause our services temporarily. She wanted to make sure I had some tools to take with me as I made plans to rebuild my life in ways that would address some of the things discussed in our sessions. I love a therapist with a plan and some tools *wink wink.* I look forward to when I can resume sessions with her. In the meantime, this book has been taking me on a journey of trusting that I am currently on the path I’m intended to be on, to have the life that will keep me well & fulfilled.

I’ve finally had some time to set up things in my apartment after a long while of only kind of being unpacked since I moved in several months ago. I honestly never quite understood the love y’all had for Target, but recently, I went in to get one very specific thing and left with all the things I absolutely did not need. If you could only see my “to buy” list now.

Look at these cute pillows I got! I also convinced myself I needed wine coasters because… why not?

With all the picture-taking, reading, reorganizing, and decorating. I’ve been journaling all the ideas that have come to my head, and this blog post is just one of the ways I’m holding myself accountable to all I feel like creating.

What are some of the ways you cultivate your creativity?

3 responses to “Cultivating Creativity During Super Retrograde 2023”

  1. Team Canon! I miss the excitement of a new camera.

  2. So for your camera, I recommend getting a microphone that attaches to it. And then usually those come with something called a dead squirrel. It’s just a big fuzzy cover that makes it so you don’t get the wind blowing and things like that. I have a Sony zv10 and I bought a small mic for it and it came with that and it helps a lot.

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