Creativity: The Magic of Retrograde 2023


Patrice smiling holding a DSLR Canon EOS Rebel t7 camera

Showing the box for the Canon EOS Rebel T7

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In addition to getting out there and actually doing the things, I also require inspiration to keep the fire of creativity burning. In those moments, I crack open a good book and let the words bring my mental into a space where I feel inspired and ready to create all over again. 

The Artist’s Way

the artist's way creativity cluster flyer

I’ve finally had some time to set up things in my apartment after a long while of only kinda being unpacked since I moved in several months ago. I honestly never quite understood the love y’all had for Target, but recently, I went in to get one very specific thing and left with all the things I absolutely did not need. If you could only see my “to buy” list now.

Look at these cute pillows I got! I also convinced myself I needed wine coasters because… why not?

With all the picture-taking, reading, reorganizing, and decorating. I’ve been journaling all the ideas that have come to my head, and this blog post is just one of the ways I’m holding myself accountable to all I feel like creating.

What are some of the ways you cultivate your creativity?

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3 responses to “Creativity: The Magic of Retrograde 2023”

  1. Team Canon! I miss the excitement of a new camera.

  2. So for your camera, I recommend getting a microphone that attaches to it. And then usually those come with something called a dead squirrel. It’s just a big fuzzy cover that makes it so you don’t get the wind blowing and things like that. I have a Sony zv10 and I bought a small mic for it and it came with that and it helps a lot.

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