Who had a once in a 100 year pandemic in mind when putting together their 5-year plan? …Right. Our current reality has put many of us on pause in more ways than one. So I ask: Is your passion pandemic proof? I’m talking about more than just an entrepreneurial hustle. I also mean the hobby that you invest in, your career path, your connection to the cause that fuels you to get up in the morning. Think about the thing that brings you joy that you invest your whole self in. Has the current situation presented a block from still being able to access your investment in this joy? To ask the “pandemic proof” question another way, can your passion withstand the test of time? As a follow up: What are you doing now to make sure that it does?

For me, this has made me think long and hard about my career trajectory. It’s easy to say that I should aim for a field that will always be deemed “essential”, like healthcare or food service. But going one step further, I pushed myself to consider how to make the path I choose adaptable to a time like this.

Adaptable = Pandemic Proof.

(For the most part)

Consider: Yes, gyms are closed, but I’m sure those workout videos on YouTube have seen a spike in views since we’ve all been summoned inside. If you’re a physical trainer, that could be your workout video going viral. You could aquire more followers to potentially become future clients. Your new engagement on your virtual platforms could make way for you to secure a partnership with a fitness brand.

What can I do to pandemic proof my passion?

The Internet is Your Friend.

It’s no secret that the internet is an important way for people to be able to reach more people in this decade. The worldwide web is also at the heart of interpersonal connectivity at this time. Maybe you’re a context expert who likes to give talks and have interaction with audiences in person. Knowing how to work Facebook live or IG video can have you still able to connect with those who want to interact with. Even book clubs have gone virtual. Boom, pandemic proof passion.

We can save the conversation around equity issues with being able to participate in virtual environments for another post. Or, you can sound off about that in the comments below. But trust me, I’m there as well. I’m on team #giveeverybodyinternetandtech.

Get Your Tech Up.

If your passion is a business venture, allow people to view an organized catalog of what you offer. Have a place to direct people to view what you do. You can start with a free website. Picture heavy content is also great for an Instagram page. (Also free). Take videos, show those pictures. Maybe it’s time you invest in a better camera to showcase your products online. If you have an existing website, go ahead and make sure you work on any kinks and that you provide a user-friendly experience. Make sure your stuff is tight.

Places to consider web hosting for your site:

Have A Social Media Presence.

Social Media is the quickest way for people to get to know you and what you do. It allows you to have somewhere to send people and to be discovered. Trust me, whatever your passion is, you are not the only one who craves that thing. Also, with all of us stuck inside, think about all the scrolling that’s going on right now. Make sure you put that passion of yours on people’s feeds.

There are communities of folx online that you can connect with about what you love. Twitter was my favorite at one time for connecting with the academics who use 5 syllable words on the internet. Having that community supported me through some rough grad school experiences. Most of all, let me know that I was not alone in anything I was experiencing.

Further Your Expertise.

Learn more about that thing you love, that community you support, how to run the business you’re carrying on your back. There are so many places online to learn something new or become an expert in something you’ve already invested yourself in.

Here are some places you can start:

This time of pause has mean many different things for all of us. While it’s not necessary for us to spend this time trying to find a cure for all the world’s problems right now, we can consider how we will adapt our futures to a new reality.

Sound off below: How are you making sure your passion is pandemic proof?

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