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Trauma is Not Entertainment: Considering Cassie Disrupting Silence

**EPISODE CONTENT WARNING** Episode contains discussion of intimate partner violence, physical violence, PTSD and related topics It’s National Trauma Awareness Month & Mental Health Awareness Month. We’re having a serious conversation about consuming trauma irresponsibly in light of the video depicting Diddy brutally assaulting Cassie. The way we position ourselves concerning someone else’s trauma and abuse starts to tell a story about who we are. What will your engagement with others' trauma say about you? —— CONNECT WITH ME: Get the Newsletter – patpontificates.com/newsletter Instagram: @patpontificates Website: patpontificates.com Email: hello@patpontificates.com — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/disrupting-silence/support
  1. Trauma is Not Entertainment: Considering Cassie
  2. Rap Beef or Reckoning?
  3. When Truth Telling Becomes a Gimmick: Club Shay Shay & "Protecting BW"
  4. Shaking the Table: Being a Disruptor comes with a price
  5. Season 2 Trailer: Disrupting Silence
  6. Year 30 – A Grand Finale
  7. Suicide Prevention Month 2023: The myth of your strong friend
  8. A Word on Authenticity
  9. I'm A Big Deal: Authentic Self-Love
  10. We Need Better Help: because what are you even offering?
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