My internal struggle is the two sides of me that don’t neatly overlap: Thrill-seeking Sag and PEAK homebody Introvert (INFJ). I’m trying (but not really) to get my Sag to stop looking at the cheap flight emails that are literally taunting me multiple times a day. I do love being curled up indoors watching some cartoon or a show that hasn’t had a new episode in 10 years. However… I also love nature, particularly anything near a body of water. I love margaritas. And I love a hotel room. Especially when I’m the only occupant. Clearly, the pandemic has me trippin a lil bit.

I’m dealing with the fact that I can’t call up one of my homegirls so we can hit happy hour and trash talk the government for flopping on their response to the mess that we’re waking up to now. But I’m also enjoying that I’m sleeping for however long I want and my folks are bringing me food in my bed and the introvert in me is thinking ima make it. However:

I find it hilarious that all of a sudden now, cancelled people-plans are not being met with “ooo girl yes cuz I ain’t wanna go anyway” Instead I’m kinda sad. How annoying of me? Once this is all over (insert hopefulness), I bet I’ll be back to getting ready to show up for plans I forgot to cancel with the melancholy face.

All that said, here’s what I’m doing to appease my need for adventure during the pandemic lockdown:

  • Catching up on all the reading I put on hold. Fiction only. I’m trying to transport myself to a far away land with thriving Black people, find men, and amazing food….by reading about it. Please leave your best book suggestions in the comments below. I need them all!
  • Starting new projects. I’m not totally sure what’s on my list to start, but generating this post was one of them. I know you noticed how long I haven’t put anything on here 😅 now I have no excuse.
  • Reassessing my finances. Pandemic got me thinking hard about my coins. (1) Rebudgeting for what I currently deposit into my emergency fund. Seeing my pennies deplete in my retirement account threw me off. Baby gotta make sure she diversify. (2) I been eyeing the stock market. My dad has been trying to get me to start trading forever. Seems like good a time as any to start doing some research on how that all works.
    • (SIDEBAR) If you don’t already have Credit Karma, go check on your credit score ASAP. Especially in these uncertain times. If you already use their credit services, go open a CK savings account. Online savings accounts have been great for me. Help keep my money away and get you a little more interest than a brick and mortar branch account.
  • Plan trips for 2021. Since it this year is trying to tell me to re-calibrate already, I’m just going to start putting together my bucket list travel for next year. I got some places I want to see before (God forbid) anything like this happens again.

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How are you keeping busy amid social distancing and quarantine? How are you staying calm during this pandemic? What do you think people should know about staying mentally well during this time?