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Jesus is a Comedian Podcast! – Welcome to the world of the slightly vulgar and relentlessly authentic Patrice :). Navigating the complexities of wrestling with faith, managing mental health and the randomness of life.

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Ep. 14 – Thank You for Being a Friend… or Not? | The joys of friendship. Adding to an ongoing conversation about the breakdown of platonic relationships in favor of… literally anything else?! What’s going on that we seem not to know how to have relationships outside of romantic ones? (And y’all aren’t even having the most success with those). So what does it mean to be a good friend? I’m not sure I know, but I can tell you what will not cut it. Thank you for being a friend.. or not..
Ep. 13 Suicide Prevention Month 2023: The Myth of Your Strong Friend | You are not alone. In this episode, I’m sharing my journey in managing thoughts of suicide. Before you write another post saying “Check on Your Strong Friend,” tap in. I’m also giving perspective on suicidal ideation to those who experience it and those who want to support others. It’s Suicide Prevention Month, and we’re reducing the stigma, one story shared at a time.
Ep 12 – Retrograde 2023, Part II: Beyonce, Sex[y] in the City, and Facing Fears | We’re back for Part 2! Everything is still in Retrograde. The streets are still streeting. Continuing the summer recap, we’ve been off to see Beyonce in Toronto at the Renaissance World Tour, single & mingling and facing fears about what’s next. Mingling has brought on some realizations about the state of affairs that require… introspection. And sometimes fear is information about things that we’ve kept buried. Summer 2023’s retrograde has alchemized fear into fuel for the journey ahead.
Ep 11. Retrograde 2023, Life Update Part I: NYC summer streets & the toxic workplace | Summer 2023 has been a wild one. We’ve got Venus in Retrograde. Mercury threw her chair in the ring.. we’re fighting for our lives out in these summer streets. However, your girl has been having the time of her life. Mostly. A dash of “You won’t break my soul,” a little of “Living My Best Life,” and a bit of “She in Ha Mood.” This episode is a little update on what’s been going on this summer for Patrice. So much to share it needed to be split into two episodes. Let’s catch Up!
Ep 10. Yep, That’s Me! A Word on Authenticity | Everybody has a brand these days. By now, you should know I will say what’s on my mind candidly. However, that’s not everybody’s cup of tea. People make a lot of negative assumptions about my character & personality based on the fact that I choose not to censor myself and my past experiences. However, I choose to believe that it says more about them than it does about me. In this episode, we’re talking about the choice to live authentically and transparently and the deep commitment that goes beyond a fun way to live for views and clicks.
9. I’m A Big Deal: Loving Myself more Authentically | *Insert Christopher Martin lyrics* (IYKYK) – Sometimes it takes weird experiences with people to realize that you’re someone worth making a fuss about. When we don’t take time to really know our worth, other people can benefit from your self-love tank being on E. Radical self-acceptance and removing ourselves from environments that don’t foster self-love are at the core of this pivot. Let’s discuss.
Ep 8. Better Help: Because what are you even offering? | A personal investigation into how overwhelming it’s becoming to accept help when needed. When you consider all our mental health conversations about what it means to be a good friend or loved one, it seems we’re doing a lot of blaming on folks who need help. In doing so, we absolve ourselves of the responsibility it takes actually to be helpful. The suggestion in this episode takes a specific stance: We need better help! Now, yes, this might ruffle some feathers because, as we know, people think any charity of any kind is wholly benevolent and worthy of celebration. But… let’s discuss.
7. Be Who You Areeee! Finding Pleasure at Pride 2023 | In this episode, we’re talking about pleasure as an antidote (of sorts). Specifically, I had a bomb ass time at Pride this weekend. Queer innovation remains ahead of the curve, and Pride reminds us of that. Black and Brown queer folks specifically have kept your girl together in this year of our lord, 2023. Celebrating queer spaces, places, and faces, this month, this year, and every year to come.
6. Am I Intimidating or are you Intimidated? | This one’s gonna sound personal. In this episode, we consider whether people project insecurities onto others and call them something they aren’t. In this case, it’s the idea that a person is intimidating, thus making everyone in the room uncomfortable. Are they, though? Or is it that no matter what they do, you will continue to feel reactive to a naturally occurring energy you feel the urge to acquiesce to? Of course, we’ll discuss this with a very specific case study of the life and times of Patrice. Let’s discuss.
5. Passing the Vibe Check: A note on your internal BS meter | Curiosity killed the cyaat. If you know what I mean… In this episode, I’m talking about trying to stop yourself from proceeding further, even when your brain is trying to get you to go on yet another foolish quest. But why do we keep looking for a green light among danger signs? Chances are we got that messaging from our youngest years and never paused to look back. Let’s discuss.
4. Drop it Like a Thottie: Evolution of a church girl | Church girl, don’t hurt nobody! In this episode, we reflect on a journey through navigating the unnecessary parts of religion that turned into social strangeness & everlasting angst. Then there’s the fumbly process of shedding sexual shame and… soul ties? Yall still do those? Thottie Saturdays turned Soul saving Sundays in the Alto Section. Tsk Tsk. Questioning a belief system that literally raised you can be a grueling process, but if faith doesn’t grant you freedom, then what are we signing on for, right? Let’s discuss.
3. Off the Henny: a Cognac shorty | You remember the wildest experience you had off the Henny? June 4th is National Cognac Day, and it made me think real quick about how I even got started playing ghetto games with Hennessey. Consuming the brown brings about the ridiculousness that I will be ashamed to tell somebody someday. But today is not that day. Summer nights in Brooklyn, Henny in brown paper bags, and “masculine energy.” Sorry, bougie Cognac lovers, this one is for the ratchets.
Ep2. Reclaiming My Body: A personal journal about Trauma | *Content Warning* References of physically abusive punishments & emotionally traumatizing situations toward children. Also, related sexual content regarding dissociation & physical displeasure

A vulnerable reflection & consideration of traumatic formative experiences. A conversation about how important it is to understand how trauma affects our experiences within our bodies. A consideration of how trauma can manifest both mentally and physically. We’re sharing a few tips on ways to think more intentionally about how prioritizing feeling good in your body during more intimate experiences.
Ep.1| This is Not a Relationship Podcast: But a few thoughts.. Yall thought I was going to use my therapy powers to talk about everything that’s wrong with relationships and the dating streets in “this generation” didn’t you? Not true. Kinda. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t get a little… personal. In this episode, we’re talking about being “picked up” with a bicycle, solicitation of car towing bills, and we’ll get a bit of a therapy perspective on dating with self-awareness & a loneliness issue.
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