Setting Goals: How to be prepared for 2024

When I first started intentionally setting goals in 2017, I intended to organize my life and clear psychological clutter. I wanted to track how I invested my time in the new year. I bought a book titled “Organize Your Life,” which had me investigate my habits (both helpful and unhelpful). I sought to improve my quality of life to the best of my ability. 

Setting goals helps me keep my life organized. The process keeps me on track before I take it upon myself to introduce a project or effort that might derail me from where I want to be in the year. Otherwise, I can do a million things that don’t correlate and miss out on something I want to focus my effort on. 

Having something to work toward is also highly motivating for me. Accomplishing the goals I set in advance creates great moments to pat myself on the back for an effort of discipline and consistency that yields results.

Before I do my planning and start setting goals at the end of the year, I make an intentional effort to reflect. The opportunity doesn’t always present itself as we’re experiencing something to take stock of how it affects us. But making space to do so is still important. So, I prioritize capturing my thoughts on what I learned from the year that’s ending and what’s on my heart to be a priority for the year to come. 

2024 Goal Reflection Mini-Journal. A guide for setting goals. Table of Contents

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Sometimes, this reflection process includes reviewing old journal entries to capture relevant themes. Maybe there’s something I want to change. From this reflective process, I create a theme that guides my goals for the coming year.

I’m circling a few themes for next year: Focusing, Replenishing, and Reaping.

I’m a firm believer that anything that sucks the life out of you should not be something you commit to. I set the scene for goal setting to be a process that’s as enjoyable as possible, even if the brain work takes a little extra energy. Because end-of-year goal-setting lines up with my birthday, I’ll usually carve out time during the celebration to start the journaling or reflection for my process. I’ve also done the following:

  • Solo brunch & journaling with mimosas
  • Flying out to a beach city to spend a few days reflecting & journaling on the beach
  • Book a staycation to do quiet goal-setting with room service
  • Vision board parties! Thinking about what goals I might want to set from the pictures and word cut-outs that appealed to me
  • Do you set goals/intentions for your year?
  • How do you make those decisions?
  • What effect does goal setting have on your life?
  • Or, is goal-setting something you avoid?

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