How to Harness the Power of the Pivot

In the first video, I’m talking about the messaging I received growing up about “sticking to it” vs. the noncommittal nature of the world I graduated college into. Leaning into “the pivot” helped me not to take things so personally and never overcommit to an experience that could change at any moment. Watch the video:

The second video of the series gets a bit more personal. I discuss some of the pivots I’ve had to make in my life journey thus far. After deciding that I was in situations that could no longer work for who I was becoming, I chose to end what was comfortable to move toward what would fulfill me.

Lastly, the most recent video explores the idea that “the pivot” is simply an opportunity for reinvention. Even if it was not a pivot initiated by free will, before settling on an option that’s more of the same old, consider that this is a moment for you to do something completely new. I outline three steps you can take to facilitate self-renewal. Dream your biggest.

While I intended to keep this series to just 3 videos, I think I’ll be adding to this series from time to time to share more nuggets from my journey. In an upcoming video, I plan to discuss ways to assess a moment requiring some change.

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  1. Thanks for discussing the power of pivoting. I had to switch careers last year. These techniques can be applied to multiple scenarios.

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