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7 Bullets.

8+ minutes.


44 shots.

James, George, Sandra, Keith, Tony, Breonna.

The Time is Now. This is about challenging myself.

A few months ago, a couple posts on this blog and a string of emails in my newsletter were focused on racial justice in an intentional way. I even created my first free resource for this blog: A Social Justice & Mental Wellness Resource Guide. There was a desire for me to find any way I could to contribute. I didn’t want to be silent. But I also didn’t want to try and sort through all my raw emotions, publicly. This was the first time I’d cried about yet ANOTHER instance of publicly spotlighted, state sanctioned, violence in years. Previously, I hardened my heart as a coping mechanism, whispered fight the power, and moved on. But this time was different. Simply trying to share my wellness tidbits and personal mental health experiences as normal, would be incomplete up against the intensity of this national moment.

I was right.

After several weeks, I tried to go back to talking about other things because I felt ill-equipped. My concept of strategy needed in this moment, was not enough. I started diving into concepts like Healing Justice and I felt that because I didn’t have an expert grasp, or wasn’t out practicing in the streets, that I shouldn’t try to come on here and be misinterpreted as knowing it all. I did go protest, I donated to bail funds, I tweeted my fingers off. It was all I felt I knew how to do with confidence. I didn’t know how to attempt to guide during this time of reckoning and felt it was better I didn’t jump out there too fast.

I was wrong for that.

Deep down in my soul, I knew I had to deliver something different. Give the people what they need vs. what is more familiar to me to write. FIND the answers I don’t have and commit to sharing them with the community. And now, as we are yet in another scary, overwhelming, and exciting moment I know that I have to push myself even harder to be sane.

The time is now.

Therefore, I’m re-grounding myself in #goAWF principles (newly minted on the “about” page), I will be shifting the main focus of the blog to what I have recently committed my life’s work to: Social Justice & Mental Wellness, more specifically – Healing Justice.

the time is now to #goAWF
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The Time is Now.

As I go on my learning journey, and practice proficiency with the tools that can help set us free, I will bring you all with me through my musings on this blog. This is no longer just about individual survival, this is about freedom from the legacy of colonization and captivity.

For me, the time is now.

Check in: What are some ways you have been using your gifts to supports hearts that are aching from injustice? What are some ways *I* can use this platform to help people heal while committing to fight?