Year 30: A Birthday Round Up

I’ve officially graced this planet with my presence for 30 years. I’m grateful to make this milestone in a world that’s actively hostile and un-accommodating to people who look like me. Reflecting on what this means for me as an individual who creates for public consumption, I don’t think about what I wished to have accomplished by this birthday. Instead, I’m thinking more about how I can slow down and savor life’s complexities.

I had a great time bringing in my birthday in a very thoughtful and intentional way. I prioritized doing all the things that would light up my world. Me first, and not worrying about anybody else. Here are some of my favorite captures from the celebration: 

While celebrating this year, I intended to savor every moment and spare no detail that would elevate my overall experience. By not skimping on the details or my comfort, I truly had the time of my life.

Here’s an in-depth look at one of the ways I celebrated my birthday:

And while we’re at it, there’s some things I’ll be leaving in my 20s:

Stay tuned for new launches in 2024.

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